100% Rayon Grossgrain tape and ribbed edging

Short Description:

● Color: The color can be customized according to the need

● Material: 100%Rayon

● Product name: Ribbed Nylon Webbing

Petersham (grosgrain) ribbon made of 100% rayon. It has an elegant and beautiful luster. It is a standard product that is indispensable for items using ribbons such as clothes, hats, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous goods.

● Size:

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rayon Grossgrain tape


rayon Grossgrain tape and ribbed edging2






rayon Grossgrain tape and ribbed edging




rayon Grossgrain tape and ribbed edging1


Product Characteristics

Rayon is a kind of material made of cellulose fiber (extracted from petroleum, animals and plants) through complex processing process. It is a kind of renewable fiber with simple raw material acquisition and low production cost. Although it is rayon, it has similar characteristics with natural fibers such as cotton and hemp.  

Advantages Of Rayon

Although the strength of rayon is large, but in the wet state the strength will be greatly reduced (loss of 3 to 5 layers), so when washing should pay attention to the strength, too much force will damage the fiber, followed by the resilience of the rayon is not good, after washing will appear different degrees of shrinkage phenomenon, if the preservation environment is not ventilated rayon is also prone to mildew.

Features of this rayon grosgrain include: 1. Good comfort and soft touch. Rayon grosgrain is soft to the touch, and has the function of breathability and moisture absorption. 2. Good luster, with silky luster. The addition of rayon fibers gives the fabric a luxurious and lustrous effect. 3. Anti-bacteria and anti-wrinkle properties. Rayon fiber has strong antibacterial and anti-wrinkle properties, which can increase the service life and stain resistance of the fabric. Rayon grosgrain ribbon tape are widely used in fashion, women's clothing, high-end casual clothing, swimwear, household items, etc. The fabric can be made into various styles of clothing and bedding, such as: tops, shirts, dresses, pants, quilt covers.

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